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Latest Reviews for ABSINTHE

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GO!!! SOON! You'll LOVE IT!

A group of us went and laughed so hard we almost died. But we also were stunned by the beauty of some of the performance. And couldn't breathe at the daring peformances such as those crazy roller skaters.

Small tent makes every seat a great one.

Written on August, 29th 2007

Not to be missed!

WOW WOW WOW! Did I say wow? Absinthe left our jaws on the floor and our cheeks a little flush. Not for the faint at heart or for those easily embarrassed by nudity or lots of sexual innuendos (or children!). The performers are top-notch, and their skills amazing. Who knew that watching a couple roller skating on a tiny circular stage, or a woman with a huge balloon could be so entertaining! And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Not to be missed. We never see any show twice, but obviously the rumor is true; Absinthe is addictive, we can't wait to go again.

Written on July, 7th 2007

Absolutely breathtaking - a true must see

Absolutely breathtaking and I'd love to see it a 2nd time! Unfortunately, it's not getting near the level of press it truly deserves. Run and get tickets while you can - you will not be disappointed.

Written on August, 28th 2006

Absinthe rules

Saw the first show, amazing. See it.

Written on August, 3rd 2006