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Michael Wallach, Daniel Gallant & Center Stage presents Zen And The Method: Or Why Actors Drink.Join us for the premiere of two new comedies that journey deep into the theatrical subconscious...

Descend into the infinite depths of an actor's psyche as he freaks out minutes before the opening night of his new show in Zen and the Art of Doing Nothing. Then, in Gerald's Method, a once-great Broadway star guides rising actors through a tangled theater tutorial based on his own dark past.

So toss out your dog-eared copy of An Actor Prepares. If you've ever wondered what you're doing on this planet; if you're fed up with Heidegger, Meisner and meditation; or if you've ever lost your sense of sanity trying to find your sense of sanity; come join our cosmonauts of infinite nothingness on ...

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