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One of Broadway's most popular shows, Wicked tells the unbelievable backstory behind The Wizard of Oz's Glinda the Good and Elphaba, the green girl that becomes the Wicked Witch of the West. This family-friendly musical is the definition of a Broadway spectacular, with award-winning sets, costumes and special effects.

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Wicked Review

I saw the show in December of 2013 and it was nothing short of AMAZING! Although, it was a little lengthy I was entertained the whole time. The costumes were amazing as was the music, special effects and scenery. The vocals were outstanding (Elphaba- Lindsay Mendez, Glinda- Alli Mauzey, Nessa-Catherine Charlebois, Fiyero- Derek Klena, Dr. Dillamond- John Shiappa, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz- Tom McGowan, Madame Morrible- Carol Kane) If you have not yet seen it, I highly suggest that you see it, I guarantee you will never forget it. It is worth every penny.

Written on January, 31st 2015

Good for Children of All Ages

We are probably the very last to see Wicked. The sets, costumes, and special effects were dazzling. The leads as Glinda (Tiffany Haas) and Elphaba (Christine Dwyer) have played their roles on national tours, and were competent. Dwyer was especially effective as Elphaba, the meatier role. The references to the classic Wizard of Oz, which we recently saw at the Westchester Broadway Theatre, were delightful, and not lost on this New York audience. Since every seat in the house was taken on a Tuesday evening in September, the show is still selling out. We got our tickets on a special deal through Groupon, so paying half price was worth it. This is a great way to introduce children to live productions that will engage them with the dancing, aerobatics, and story line. The book written by Winnie Holzman received a Tony nomination and Drama Desk Award. Direction by Joe Mantello was impeccable except for the enunciation during musical numbers in the ensemble. For a fun-filled fantasy, this is the one to see for children of all ages.

Written on September, 3rd 2014

The Most Popular Show on Broadway... Sells Out Every Performance for a Reason.

Saw Wicked for the second time last night. Don't lie - it's a great musical. Beautiful lights and sets, the most gorgeous, intricate costumes, powerful, chilling live orchestrations. Donna Vivino and Alli Mauzey were a wonderful pair and were simply perfect. Kyle Dean Massey and the rest of the cast are A+ as well. This musical is pretty much perfect for any age and any personality... get tickets. This is a really fun show.

Written on February, 8th 2013

See as soon as possible!

Best thing i have seen ever!!! Anyone who reads this must go and see it, your life will change if you do. A story of love, power and fighting whats right well worth paying for and a really great night. The songs were ingenius and get stuck in tour head but amazing. 5*+++++ a MUST-SEE

Written on September, 30th 2012

Pure Amazement

The show was awesome. Myself and my twwo sisters went to see the play, the actors were all talented. I would like to go and see the play again just to make sure that I did not miss anything.

Written on September, 17th 2012

The most beautiful adaptation I've ever seen!

I went to see WICKED on 7/28/12 8pm with my 12 year-old daughter. It was her birthday and she has been asking me to see this show for a awhile. Wish granted! We had a good time and I wouldn't mind seeing it again. I was in tears in the final first act DEFYING GRAVITY. Ms Donna Vivino has a spectacular voice as Elphaba and Chandra Lee Schwartz was wonderful as Galinda the good witch. No I'm a big fan of WICKED.

Written on July, 30th 2012

Amazing, amazing show.

We just came back from the Wednesday 8:00 performance, and I'm still exploding from so many emotions. The show was literally incredible. From the first dancing monkey to the very last scene where Fiyero puts the hat onto Elphaba, I was spell bound (pun not intended).

First of all, the score is fantastic. If you're a Wicked fan, you know that already. It's a great blend of powerful belt, slow ballads, and those top soprano notes that you can barely comprehend. The harmony flows effortlessly into the counter-melodies, and the orchestra has the perfect balance with the actors' voices.

And the lines are everything from hilarious to tear invoking. Some of the deliveries we saw tonight had me laughing out loud (thank Galinda for that). Others made me take a deep breath and remind myself that these weren't real situations...that last scene is a hard one to get through without shedding at least a few tears.

Jackie Burns is an extremely talented vocalist. Her belts on Defying Gravity and No Good Deed were awe inspiring. She has a way of making her voice pierce your emotions, and the slower song, I'm Not That Girl, was incredible. While some of her first lines seemed a little awkward in their delivery, by Scene 3 they were great. Especially in Act 2, the way she presented the lines had their own, original flair, playing more to the sensitive emotions of the audience.

Chandra Lee Schwartz also did an excellent job. Her top soprano notes came out perfectly from the very beginning, and her lines were greatly amusing. The Popular sequence was done in such a new way that it had my on the edge of my seat, even after having seen that song performed many a time. She was a hilarious, hilarious actress.

All actors had great chemistry on stage, especially Fiyero and Elphaba. Elphaba and Galinda also had a very realistic friendship.

I would definitely recommend this show to almost anyone. It's amazing.

Written on June, 27th 2012

I Loved Wicked

I loved Wicked, it had me mesmerized the entire time. I'm often as cold as ice, but I came very close to tears towards the end. Amazing show, great acting, costumes, songs, effects! It's extremely entertaining, do not miss it!

Written on June, 12th 2012

Absolutely LOVE this show!

I loved this show! I won the lottery (I tried twice before I won) and only paid about $27 for front row seats. It changed the way I see the Wizard of Oz forever and I love this version! I was tearing up with laughter! This was the BEST date I ever been on! Loved all the songs and loved both witches!!! I only wish I had popcorn! :)

Written on May, 19th 2011

Best Show

This was just great. i read some of the reviews below and trust me this show is worth the hype! The music, story, cast and production was great!!!

Written on February, 17th 2010

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