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From Michael Jackson to Diana Ross, see music's biggest legends come to life at Motown on Broadway. This fast-paced musical about the creation and success of Motown Records features hit song after hit song, showstopper after showstopper. There's no escaping the pure joy of Motown the Musical.

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I saw this on 9/5/14. Bought discounted tkts during Broadway Week and I was thoroughly blown away! I'm 30 and knew 90% of the songs! We were singing along, clapping, snapping to ALL the songs. The characters were SPOT ON!!! Diana, Smokey, Marvin and all the group ensemble dance moves (Temptations etc) were smoooooth!! The audience raised the roof after EVERY song performed...every. Little mom was in tears as it brought back memories. I would go see this again and again. It was a packed house! Brava!!!

Written on September, 6th 2014

Love u motown

Grew up listening to Motown, story of Barry Gordy was awesome, dancing music great! Brought back good memories. Would see it again!

Written on August, 13th 2014

Best Broadway Show to get you moving

The talent, singing music is amazing. Diana Ross to Michael Jackson is like the real ones up there performing. I highly recommend this to any one from ages 16-90. Everyone that is from that era to too young to even know will be singing along.

Written on June, 22nd 2014

An Amazing Production/Story

Loved the singing, betrayal of the artists, and the brilliance & humanity of Barry Gordy. This has been one of the best plays in my 30+ years of visiting NYC Broadway.

Written on April, 13th 2014


Loved the music and the story. This is what Broadway should be

Written on December, 19th 2013

Great Great Great

The play was so great I am coming back to New York to see it again.

Written on July, 16th 2013


My husband and I had a GOOD Time we Love the show the music had you out of your seat we are from New Oleans area when we got back we told all our friends and now they want to see it so we give it 100+!!!!!!!

Written on June, 7th 2013

Wonderfull display of talent!

Growing up learning about this music from a teacher in school (as backround for book's we were going to read in the 1960-1970's time frame), this was a fabulous production. They must have song 40-50+ throughout the entire show. Although the story was light in did intigrate into the music smoothly. Glad I got to see this at a discounted price as well; there are not many discounts availible. There was a good mix of ages (young and older) at the show as well, but I would not recommend younger children you would most likely not know many of the songs.

Written on April, 13th 2013

Experience the MAGIC of MOTOWN

This show was simply amazing! It brought me back down memory lane, but also has me anxious to take my 16 year old son to experience the magic of Motown. The music was great, the actree who captured Diana Ross is astounding in mannerism and voice. This is show that you do NOT want to miss!

Written on April, 13th 2013

Motown the Musical is a Must See!!

We saw "Motown the Musical" this past Friday night and loved every second of it. It brought back a lot of memories and I thought the cast was just perfection. I highly recommend it! I can't wait to see it again.

Written on April, 1st 2013

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