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If/Then Reviews

Wicked Tony winner Idina Menzel returns to Broadway in the new modern musical If/Then. The story centers on Elizabeth (Menzel) and the one small decision that completely alters her life's course.

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The storyline... The music... IDINA is indeed the biggest broadway star today! She acts as she sings and is just fresh and pure.

Written on October, 24th 2014


I loved this show! Not only did I cry during some scenes, but I also cried while applauding at the end because I did not want it to be over!

Written on July, 20th 2014

Idina Menzel Rules

This show was AMAZING!! Idina and the entire cast was so great the show makes you think about each choice you make and don't even get me started on the musical score, beautifully written by Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey!!!

Written on May, 30th 2014

Idina brought down the house

Wonderful show any adult can relate to -- how has fate brought you to where you are today? Fabulous music, acting,, sets, and the audience roared to their feet when it was over. Highly recommend.

Written on March, 26th 2014