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Come From Away Reviews

Come From Away is based on the true story of when the isolated community of Gander, Newfoundland played host to the world on September 11, 2001.

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Loved this show!

This wonderful musical is a tribute to the magic of the theater. The stage setting was simple but powerful. The costuming was what everyday people might wear everyday. There were no tricks in the staging, no pretense about making this into an overpowering Broadway blockbuster! And it worked. The story is compelling, the cast is great, the characters are fully realized, the music lifts the soul, and you leave the theater with a lift in your step and a new appreciation for the best in humanity. Wow! How often do you get all of this for the price of a theater ticket?

Written on March, 18th 2017

Amazing Show

6 girlfriends that see broadway shows regularly were just blown away.Creative delightful new musical staring a dozen unknown talented performers. Everything about this show will make it this seasons big hit. Not to be missed.

Written on March, 9th 2017

Great Evening

Come from Away is a production with no major stars, no popular music, and no dysfunctional families. It takes the audience back to the darkest day in American history—9/11/2001 when 38 planes were diverted from their routes to Gander, Newfoundland Airport in Canada. Seven thousand passengers were kept in the dark about the attacks on the United States and the ban on air travel in the country. The story relates how this tiny town and its neighboring villages mobilized to feed, house, and entertain the stranded travelers for five days. From the 1940s until the 1960s Gander had been the largest air base in Canada for refueling transatlantic flights to Europe.  The friendships that were forged resulted in alliances between people from all over the world, reunions with the Canadians, a marriage, and scholarship funds. The rousing Irish tunes and the high energy and enthusiasm of the cast make this the new feel-good play of the season. It’s a winner.

Written on March, 2nd 2017

A Show Trump Needs to See

Within thirty seconds of the opening number I was unabashedly crying and laughing. This continued for the entire 100 minutes of the show. Put aside the great storytelling, the wonderful music, the nuanced skills of consummate actors to touch the mind, heart and soul. This is a story of how we should treat those who "come from away." Not with body-armored ICE agents, useless walls and the thinly veiled hate-filled, fear-driven rhetoric of exclusion. But with the openness and inclusion of those Newfoundlanders who truly followed the dictate to do onto others ... And they who asked for nothing were paid back a hundred-fold. I am going to send the Donald a ticket. He needs to see a this show.

Written on February, 26th 2017

A special musical

The antidote to current White House actions, this exhilarating play reminds us what happens when a community rallies around strangers in need---the 7000 diverted airline passengers on 9/11 who were embraced by the residents of Gander Newfoundland for five days. This outstanding ensemble piece created such positive emotions, the audience stood as one as the curtain fell, exploding in applause and cheers. A play that makes you feel good about unselfish displays of human behavior during the most significant tragedy and how the spirit of a community translated expertly in a 100 minute musical with unabashed energy makes you feel great again. Highly recommended.

Written on February, 25th 2017

The Story American and World Needs to Hear

I saw this wonderful and very unique musical once in D.C., twice in Toronto and now twice in NYC, and can't get enough of the story telling, music, lyrics and overall spirit. It has given me and others a renewed faith in humanity during what many view and dark times. It's something everyone needs to hear and experience. And thank you again to the people of Gander and surrounding towns for welcoming and comforting the Come From Aways for those five days in September 2001.

Written on February, 22nd 2017

What a Show

I saw this show in Toronto and loved it from start to finish. The music, story ,choreography and cast were all terrific. The extended standing ovation was well deserved .

Written on February, 21st 2017


This emotional, poignant, entertaining story was amazing. I can't tell you how moved I was by the story itself. It really is the way we should treat one another. The music was awesome especially the musicians all coming up front on stage to play in the finale. The set was simple but was used so creatively! I loved the eclectic mix of performers! I loved this from start to finish.❤️✈️

Written on February, 20th 2017

inspiring acts of kindness during a tragic time

I saw this beautiful play 7 times at the Seattle Repertory Theater and twice in Gander and am very thrilled to be taking my family to see it on Broadway. I can finally see the number 9 next to the number 11 without becoming desolate. This play is transformative and I appreciate it with all my heart.

Written on February, 17th 2017


I seen this show at a benefit concert in Gander NL. What a night, fantastic group of people and even the Mayors of Gander and Appleton got up on stage during the curtain call and had a dance with the cast. It captures the spirit and pride of Newfoundlanders as well as the "plane people". Friendships really do continue to this day!! Bravo

Written on February, 15th 2017

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