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Black Angels Over Tuskegee Reviews

A dramatized account of the Tuskegee Airmen, Black Angels Over Tuskegee is a powerful and moving off-Broadway play about these real-life World War II heroes and the prejudice they endured.

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Don't Miss Black Angels Over Tuskeegee!

This play is an extremely interesting, totally engrossing story about a group of men who persist in their desire to serve our country as pilots during WW II, despite the fact that they are blocked at every turn because of the color of their skin. The acting is superb, and we learned a great deal of new information about the heroism of these soldiers. The story of their personal battles to get there adds another layer to their story. The meaning of the title "Black Angels Over Tuskegee" is explained at the very end, and left me with goosebumps. After the show, every actor was at the door shaking hands, thanking us for being there. Highly recommended.

Written on September, 16th 2014


Black Angels Over Tuskegee is one of the finest, most poignant plays I've ever seen. Everything about it is first-rate. The writing is superb, and the actors were magnificent. The story depicts a chapter of American history that everyone should be aware of. Kudos to everyone involved in this excellent production!

Written on April, 16th 2014


I saw this play and was blown away by it. I thank the playwrite and the actors for bring the famous Tuskegee Airman, their lives and the roles that they played in WWII to life. The Tuskegee Airman gave their lives for us and they should not be forgotten!

Written on March, 31st 2014


What an excellent story and well-acted play. A very humbling experience I won't soon forget. Thinking of this strong play still brings tears to my eyes.
Saw the play on Nov. 19 and would go back to NYC this week to experience it again. I will tell all of my theater going friends to make sure to see this show.
Cngratulations to all on a fine show and performances. I hope you are Broadway bound or on to the big screen!

Written on November, 21st 2011

Fly over to see this play

Excellent play. I've seen a lot of plays. This is one of the best, if not the best play I've seen. The range of emotions, the dialogue, the story line were all very powerful. I would recommend this play for anyone. This play is a historic portrayal of triumph over adversity that will enlighten the soul and lift your spirit.

Written on September, 19th 2011

Touching and fabulous!

The best play I have seen so far in my life! It made me laugh so hard in the beginning and cry in the end. Very touching and VERY well done. Excellent actors, outstanding performance. Please, find the time to watch this show, it will touch you no matter who you are; not only will you enjoy the great writing and actors' performance, but also you will become a better person after watching it...

Written on July, 30th 2011


LAYON GRAY THANK YOU! You are a talented brother. A must see play! Truly the best show in NYC! BY FAR!

Written on June, 18th 2011

Only a matter of time-------BROADWAY!!!!!!!!

This is one of the greatest shows I have seen (the closest being A Soldier Story) another story of early military life of African Americans. It is a play for the whole family and especially young males. Should inspire them to truly make something positive of their lives after seeing some of the struggle their counterparts has gone through. Definitely Broadway material--don't know why the power of being hasn't taken it there. Please go out and support and one day it maybe on Broadway. Phenomenal play!!!!!!!!

Written on June, 16th 2011


The best play in New York City by s long slide!! Everyone is saying this show is going to Broadway and I can understand why! A simple story written, directed and acted so well. Five days later and I still cant shake this play. The writer, director, and actor Layon Gray has given the world a true gem. BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO! $30 well spent! See it while the prices are low, this is going to be a huge hit on Broadway. You heard it from me first!

Written on March, 8th 2011

Brilliance at its best!!

This was the most inspiring play I have ever seen. This play had such an impact on my life that it made me want to accomplish my dreams and go for them without fear. Layon Gray is an amazing writer and director and has created a phenomenal production that Broadway should be blessed with the talents of this man and his ensemble. It is always a blessing to see brilliant men performing as one entity. Just amazing.

Written on February, 26th 2011

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