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Four insanely talented actors, 150 Roles, 100 breakneck minutes of sheer theatrical fun! The Tony-Award winning comedy for everyone from ages 9 to 99!

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About 39 Steps - Off Broadway

Show Info

Running Time
100 minutes (with 1 intermission)
Apr 13, 2015


39 Steps is a comedic spoof of the classic 1935 film, with only four 'insanely talented' actors portraying more than 150 characters, sometimes changing roles in the blink of an eye. The brilliantly madcap story follows our dashing hero Richard Hannay as he races to solve the mystery of The 39 Steps, all the while trying to clear his name! The show’s uproarious fast-paced 100 minutes promises to leave you gasping for breath… in a good way! It's great fun for everyone from ages 9 to 99.