10 Years Later, Audiences Are Still Going Wild for Avenue Q

April 8th, 2014 by


The year is 2004 and the scrappy, R-rated musical Avenue Q wins Tony Awards for Best Book, Best Original Score and Best Musical, crushing the mammoth blockbuster Wicked. Now it’s 2014, 10 years later, and Q still can. After taking in a recent performance, it’s clear Avenue Q is just as delightful, funny, shocking and joyous as it was when it shook up the 2004 Broadway season. Below, BroadwayBox highlights the six biggest moments from the show that still hold true.

1.You rarely hear uproarious live laughter the way you do during the jaw-dropping un-PC anthem “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist.”

Avenue Q - GIF- Everyone's a Little Bit Racist

Avenue Q - GIF- Everyone's a Little Bit Racist - PC

2. Guys are still hiding their heads and nervously laughing during “The Internet Is for Porn.”

Avenue Q - GIF- The Internet is for Porn

3. People are still gasping, mouths agape for the puppet sex scene. #PutYourFingerThere

Avenue Q - GIF- You Can be As Loud as the Hell You Want- Puppet Sex

4. There continues to be an audible “aw” from the audience after Nicky arrives for bed in “Fantasies Come True.”

Avenue Q - GIF- Fantasies Come True

5. Women are enthusiastically nodding along to “The More You Ruv Someone” (The More You Want to Kill Them).

Avenue Q - GIF- The More You Ruv Someone-

Avenue Q - GIF- The More You Ruv Someone-1

6. The always-evolving “For Now” line still gets applause.

Clapping Tyson

Clapping and laughing

RuPaul Clapping

See these moments and more for yourself at Avenue Q at New World Stages.