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Legendary Dominican-American band Aventura formed in The Bronx in the mid '90s and are largely responsible for bringing bachata—traditional music from the Dominican Republic—to a wider audience with their unique fusion of New York-style bachata, hip hop, and merengue. The result, a multi-cultural musical hybrid, not only caught fire in the States and in Central and South America, but also gained favor among international audiences with hits like "Los Infieles," "Por Un Segundo," and "Dile al Amor." Known as the Kings of Bachata, Aventura are engaging performers and a favorite among ticket buyers for their intimate live concerts. Their 2009 album The Last topped both the Latin and Tropical Albums charts and landed a whopping nine tracks on the singles charts. Whether they’re playing a small venue or headlining Madison Square Garden, audiences can count on Aventura to deliver an emotional and hit-filled performance.

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